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 Roy L. Breckenridge "Lookingbull"

 Artist of Pointillism in Ink

"Lookingbull" logo is incorporated into each piece of art by Roy L Breckenridge

(left is Roy's Ceremonial Drum,

"Mountain Singer" designed by him)

Roy L. Breckenridge was born in November 1944 as the seventh of eight children. Growing up in the country, prior to the availability of instant entertainment, Roy’s innate talent provided an outlet for his imagination. His constant curiosity about his surroundings, his love of learning and his wanderlust led him to join the military as a U.S. Army Ranger. His military career enabled him to study the people, languages, cultures and wildlife around the world. His career spanned Europe, the Mediterranean, South America, the Pacific and included 3 combat tours in Viet-Nam where he was wounded several times, received multiple awards for valor including the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, five Purple Hearts, and the Vietnamese Honor Medal. Roy dedicates his awards to his brother Johnathon Three Trees, who presented Roy with his 'life name' "Lookingbull"; one who 'sees' things others cannot. Roy retired a commissioned officer.

After retiring from the military, Roy taught high school in an inner city school system until an accident ended those endeavors. It was at that point, during rehabilitation, that Roy decided to pursue the artistic talents of his youth. Being a natural, self-taught artist he experimented with several mediums until one of the oldest and most unforgiving media, ink, presented itself.

By adopting and modifying Seurat’s style of Pointillism to accommodate his chosen medium, Roy’s talent truly began to blossom. His ability to create life-like images through multiple layers of self-mixed colored dots provide the opportunity to develop a color pallet specific to each individual creation.

Roy prefers to focus his talents toward wildlife and Native subjects along with efforts to commemorate the pride and emotional depths of America’s Patriots; past and present. Through his art, Roy has been instrumental in preserving wildlife habitats, contribute immeasurably to multiple fund-raising activities throughout New Mexico and local community activities. He is a founding member and current President of New Mexico Veteran’s Art; a non profit veterans organization whose goal to promote the talent and recognition of our veterans and active military artists.

Roy has received numerous awards including New Mexico State Fair awards, veterans awards such as the Patriots’ Award, Military Order of the Purple Heart, and Viet-Nam Veterans awards, Regional and National Veterans Administration awards and People’ Choice award honors. In 2006 he was selected as featured artist for the Balloon Fiesta Tricentennial Invitational Art Show.

Roy achieved his BS Degree with Honors from Indiana Institute of Technology and furthered his studies at Seton Hall University.

He is currently President of New Mexico Veterans Art, Member of the United Veterans Council, VMRC Memorial Board and life member of the DAV.

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