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A Bio sketch is nice but does not introduce me as a person. The following will tell you why my work is important to me, and provide insight into my creativity.

I have been fortunate to be Gifted by the Father with this talent. Developing my abilities so that I am truly honoring the gift, my subjects and the Giver, is a never ending challenge for me.

An artist must put a piece of him/herself into each creation requiring more emotional commitment than one is aware. For me, those special efforts revolve around my love of country, my heritage, combat experience and the lady of my life. . .Gloria, my Wife and Friend,who I can always turn to for support.

My combat experience will always flavor my work to a degree.

Those I know and respected who will never return, deserve emotional commitment because they will always be there at my side, in humor and in death. One in particular, my brother Johnathon Three Trees, influences my creativity in his death as much as I do in life.Often I will honor T.T. by adding his name, three individual trees,to a piece just as I place both my Native and Christian names on each piece (Roy & Lookingbull). T.T. was half Dine' and half Absaroke;he could move through the jungle like smoke. He gifted me my 'during life' name "Lookingbull" and my 'crossing over' name, which is never to be spoken. That name permits one to begin all things anew with the Father.

Heritage has contributed greatly to my art. I enjoy finding ways to honor all of the People. My wolves always bless my Running Wolf Clan of the Apsaroke Nation; proud warriors who have long served this America. Most Natives believe that we have a responsibility to help others learn and understand. My art attempts to do just that,by creating Story & Dream Pictures, to save the old things

that are passing too quickly.

My art is important to me because it helps me communicate with you even if we never speak or meet. It helps me honor our individual lives which are tied together. In my art I understand that the Father has a reason for all things. Whether we understand, whether we want to accept, is not relevant. All we need remember is that the Father has a reason.

The Father blessed me with a special gift that He meant to be shared, to help brighten Lives, and balance all of the not-so-good things.

His blessing is my gift to You.

"May You Always Walk In Beauty"

Roy L. Breckenridge "Lookingbull"

You may contact Roy L. Breckenridge "Lookingbull" on the


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